Local Options & Classes
Local Options and Class Information
Posted: Jan 27, 2014
So Cal Oval Kart Club utilizes Burris National Speedway Series rules (see Links) with the following local options…
Chassis Rules - Per Burris Speedway rules (Sec 4)
Rear axle diameter 50mm maximum
Overall width maximum 55 inches
Sprint chassis (straight rail) may compete per Speedway rules (Sec 4.3-4.5)
Wedge type body ok (request specs) must be made from flexible plastic
Burris TX-22 or TX-33 tires only
CLASS Options
We welcome all karters and will find a suitable class for any safe kart to participate in.

Junior Junior (age 5-7yrs)
Anything safe and slow for this non-competitive learning class.
Honda GX200 or any type clone of that engine with maximum displacement of 200 cc's
.425 restrictor between carb and manifold
RLV exhaust #5438c with RLV muffler #4104
Aluminum billet rod allowed (stock length 3.303 ARC #6270)
Fuel tank must be removed from motor
Shoe/drum clutches only
Junior 1 GX200 (Sec 7.4) (age 8-11yrs)
Same as Junior Junior above, except:
.550 restrictor between carb and manifold
Junior 2 GX200 (Sec 7.4) (age 12-15yrs)
Same as Junior 1, except:
No restrictor required.
Junior 2 KT 100 (Sec 7.7)
4-Hole can exhaust
Adult Sportsman
Non competitive adult class for beginners or those that just want to have fun!
Any safe kart and motor package.

Adult Stock 4 Cycle (Sec 12) (15yrs+)
Same as Junior GX200 above, except:
Open exhaust per Burris Clone rule
Adjustable carb jetting ok
Adult KT 100 (Sec 11) (15yrs+)
Open exhaust
Adult F200 (Sec 9) (15yrs+)